Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Easy Christmas Wreath - Dollar Store

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Who doesn't love a inexpensive wreath? I do and I am sure you do too. The truth is wreaths are very pricey and if you replace them often, or would like one to go over you vinette, it's best to make one yourself. Most of the items you will be able to find at the dollar store or dollar section at Target. I have an easy Christmas wreath to share with you.  

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In the lasted few years I have changed color schemes and I had to change out my wreaths. So this year I went to the Dollar Tree and found a roll of red and gold deco mesh and a roll of ribbon. I had picked up a wreath from Walmart for a few dollars.

Supplies need:
Any color Deco Mesh

Christmas Wreath Dollar Store

I gathered the deco mesh and bend over so you couldn't see the rough edges then using the wreath branches to tie in place. (Picture on the left.)  I continued to gather the deco mesh, making sure I made different size loops.  
Christmas Wreath Dollar Store

The top two pictures show how I continued to make different size loops and tying off with the branches from the wreath. I then went around a second time but I added my ribbon (see two pictures on the bottom). Since the roll of deco mesh was large enough, I was able to go around the wreath a third time. I only used the Noel ribbon one time around, since I wanted it to stand out. Also, by adding the mesh a third time around, it gave the wreath a fuller look.
Christmas Wreath Dollar Store

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Christmas Wreath Dollar Store

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  1. Very Pretty! The dollar store always has pretty ribbon.

  2. You did a great job of making the wreath look full. Very pretty!

  3. What a fun and festive wreath! I love the ribbon and it's amazing that you made it with Dollar Store finds.

  4. Really pretty - the Noel ribbon is a nice touch.

  5. Ironically I just found two large rolls of red Christmas mesh in a bin in the attic......guess I better get to it!xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  6. It is amazing what you can make out of a few dollar store supplies! Very pretty wreath!

  7. Very cute, I'm going to have to pick up some more of the garland and the twists, this is a great technique for any seasonal ribbon, and I've got lots of different ribbons on hand!!!


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