Thursday, June 20, 2013

Handmade Message Board

I had a chance to make a beautiful message board out of wood and a picture frame. I had this large old gold frame and it had some nice crackling look to it. I had sample paint in True Turquoise by Glidden and I painted the frame. I did no prep work.

I am breaking the steps in three pictures. The first picture I was painting the frame. The second picture I wiped some of the paint off lightly. The third picture shows the frame dry. Do you see the cracks on the frame? Love it!

Next, I had a piece of wood and it had an old fabric on there I didn't take it off and I just took batting and white burlap and laid the wood piece on top. I stapled the batting and the white burlap to the wood. Now this next step I forgot to take a picture of, but, I had 1' turquoise ribbon and added it to the front of the wood board in a crisscross motion and stapled it on the back.

Once the wood board was done I nailed it to the back of the frame. I also added bling to my board as well. Sorry the pictures are fuzzy. This is a great piece to use in your office, craft rooms, kid's room or kitchen. You can even use it to add photos and hang it up on the wall. This was for someone else who was using it in her store so businesses can leave their cards.

What would you use this handmade message board for? I love this idea and now I have to make myself one for my craft/office room. It's super hot in Florida, so all my furniture painting is being done inside. I have several more pieces to show you. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Furniture Highlights

It has been incredibly busy here these last three weeks. When I think I have a schedule or my day planned out I end up getting derailed. It's been a bit frustrating needless to say, but I am determined to continue writing posts and showing you all the new projects I have been working on.

When I started my new business in March, I didn't expect to do as many projects. I've already done over 100. I have been painting Monday-Wednesday while selling Thursday-Saturday, Sunday being my break day. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I am learning a lot in the processes.

Here is my latest DIY -

This dresser I painted, I used Maison Blanche paint in Colette. This color is a beautiful teal color and it was easy to work with. The top of this dresser is a slick surface so I gave it a rough sanding before I started to paint. I kno, I don't need to sand, however, because I have used two different chalk paints, I found sanding a slick surface helps the paint to adhere better, this is just my opinion, so try it out for yourself.

Here is the finished product and I added pewter knobs to the piece and it looked great. This piece only lasted a few hours before I sold it.

My next find was this lovely sewing rocking chair. This was an ugly brown and I gave it one coat of French Linen and Old White by ASCP. Once it was dry I distressed the chair and recovered the seat with this lovely orange damask fabric. I adore the distress and the French Linen and what's even nicer is the chair didn't last but 30 mins before it sold.

I do have a great DIY project I am going to share with you on Thursday and can't wait to show you all. I have it all written out too. Summer is here and the kiddos are out of school and I am a happy mama. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.