Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vintage Drop Leaf Table - Makeover

I found this great table and gave it a new look and I love it so much better then the cherry wood. Here is the table.

This table measure 5ft 10 inches long and when you pull down the end and fold the center leaf this table measure 2ft long. It's a great pieces for small and large areas.

This table was cherry wood and I gave it two coats of ASCP French Linen and two coats of white. The reason I did French Linen and not just painted it white is because the red can bleed through. However in painting it French Linen first it really gave the white a nice effect. Once the paint was dry I gave it a good sanding and sealed the top. I really love this table and love how the French Linen lightly pop's through the white. It's just lovely.

Thanks so much for stopping by and to all the mom's everywhere "Happy Mother's Day"!



Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Furniture Highlight

I have been busy painting away and trying out new colors. So I am going to dive in and show you all the lovely pieces I have been working on.

These lovely end tables I painted white and distress them as well. The top right table is a vintage modern end table from the 1960's, LOVE! The top left rectangular table is over 50 years old and in great shape. But look at those curvy legs on the round table, lovely. LOL
I love finding good solid wood pieces and giving them new life.  

This next piece is a vintage drop leaf table with wheels. I painted it turquoise and added clear glaze with white paint. As you can see the table has a vintage feel with a modern face lift.  

This next piece is a country oak drop leaf table/bench and I painted it in Kelly green, then I distressed it. I used the ASCP dark wax to give it a more aged look and it just changed the look of the paint. Love it! This pieces lasted two days and it was sold.

I also painted these wooded frames with the Kelly Green and it was sold in one hour. I am loving this green, how about you?

I have more projects I am finishing up on and will post on Thursday. I appreciate you stopping by and LOVE your sweet comments. Have a great week.



Sunday, May 5, 2013

Monthly Meet & Greet - Stringtown Home Hosting!

Hi, everyone!  It's that time, again... it's the monthly meet & greet!
 Remember - the whole point of the Meet & Greet is to make new friends!  So.... make sure that you follow the host (Stringtown Home), and all of the monthly cohosts!

Then, make sure you link up all of the places that we can follow your blog!  We wanna be your friend, and we wanna follow your blog! 

Also, are you interested in being a cohost?  If so, email for more information!

Happy Linking, everyone!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to paint furniture

When picking up pieces of furniture I always look for real wood. They are well made and it holds up better. A few weeks ago I picked up this lovely cherry wood credenza and knew right away the colors I was going to paint this piece. I picked up True Turquoise by Glidden and Caribbean by Valspar. I did have the paints made at Home Depot.

I lightly sanded down this piece to get the shine off then I wiped clean. The reason I chose to sand this piece is because I wasn't going to make my paint into a homemade chalk paint.  I did not have to prime this pieces because the paint already contain primer. 

I painted the outside and top of this piece with the True Turquoise and I gave it two coats. The doors and the drawer I painted with the Caribbean and it took two coats as well. I also chose not to paint the inside or the hardware. The reason why I didn't paint the inside is simple, it's a lot of work to paint the inside perfect. I also figure the show stopper is going to be the outside and not the inside. 

Once the paint was dry I took my 250 grit sandpaper to distress this pieces. Once I was done with the distressing I went over it with a 1000 grit to make the piece smoother. This is something I prefer to do because I found the wax absorbs better. Lastly, I used clear wax over the entire piece. If you are not sure about wax go here to see my tutorial.  

Here is the finished product and it did not last long in the shop. I really love the contrast between the two colors and these colors are happy colors, don't you think?

Thank you so much for popping over today. I have been sick the last 6 weeks and just kept pressing on till last week on Friday when I woke up very dizzy, hot and sick to my stomach. I finally went to see my doctor and I have fluid it in my ears which cause the dizziness. However, Florida is having the worst season for people who have allergies and it happened to affect me. This is why I had fluid it in my ears. I am glad I know what is wrong and today I don't have so much congestion but I still feel a little foggy in the head, LOL doesn't sound good. I will have some more projects for you so you come back and I love to hear from you in the comments. Have a great day!