Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kirkland Knockoff Fall Home Decor

Welcome to the First day of "Fall in Love with Your Home". This is a blog tour that is filled with recipes, crafts projects, fall home decor, vignette decor and much more. This is a fun fill tour and with 30 bloggers participating, you are sure to be inspired. I love easy and simple fall decor that can be used up to Thanksgiving. Let's face it, who has hours upon end to redecorate for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Its a lot of work that's for sure. I am going to show you an easy project you can add to your home and can be used till Thanksgiving.

Supplies needed:

Tin cans of any size
Burlap ribbon (different sizes and/or color)
Buttons, gems etc
Hot glue gun

I was browsing through Kirkland's web site and I thought, I could make this myself with faux flowers. We all have tin cans in our home and I love the ides of using this for tablescape, bathrooms and really just about anywhere in your home.  I love how so many companies are using tin cans and marking them up so much! We can make a set of three for a total of two dollars. This is Kirkland's tin can flower arrangement for $7. 

As you can see, all you need is some supplies. This is an easy project and you will never buy another tin can flower arrangement again. 
Take your burlap ribbon and add hot glue to the backside of the ribbon and place it on the can. Wrap the burlap ribbon around the can and along the way, add a dot of hot glue to keep the ribbon in place. Once you are done with the burlap ribbon, you can either leave it like that or add lace trim, button, gem any embellishment you have around the house. How about an old pair of earrings or brooch!

Have you seen my burlap fall pillow? This is another easy project as well. 

I told you this was an easy project and I love how you can use these to hold flowers or fill with sand and add candles. Great for indoor or outdoor use as well. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to visit my other blogger friends. 

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Burlap Fall Sign- On The CSI Project

I am so excited because I am a contributor for The CSI Project! Once a month I will be sharing one of my crafty DIY projects. I adore fall and I miss the fall so much, since I live in Florida now. So to make it feel fall-ish around here, I will add anything pumpkin spice (my happy place) and burlap. You remember my easy burlap pillow? I am sharing another one of my favorite love of burlap on The CSI Project blog today.  Stop by and take a look.

Thanks for stopping by.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Burlap Love

Do you love burlap? I love burlap and making easy fall decor. Today I am sharing my burlap pillow fall project over at Domestically Speaking. I love burlap for so many reasons, but my number one reason is because I love the neutral color of the fabric and how easy you can paint it, wash it and sew it. What is there not to love about burlap?

Here is a sneak peek of my project, but to see the whole tutorial stop by today over at Domestically Speaking today


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pumpkins Makeover That Can Be Used For Halloween and Thanksgiving

I have been working on some dollar store bought pumpkins that I picked up last year and I just wanted to give it my own touch. I love more of a natural looking pumpkin and I went with an old white color and gold.

As you can see, I started out with the original plastic pumpkins and then I used American Decor Chalky finish in whisper. This color reminds me of Old White by ASCP. Once I gave the pumpkins two coats, I painted the stem in a mixture of brown and cream color. Can you tell which is the real pumpkin and which is the faux on the cake plate? They are close in color. As you can see, I took three other pumpkins and painted them gold. I love the combination of the two colors!

I added these lovely ceramic pumpkins with the faux pumpkins and I love the feel of all of these together. My kind of neutral.

I also had these cravable pumpkins that I used the Americana Decor in whisper and added gold tones. I do love the different designs I picked out and it just gives them that extra pretty. : )

My final pumpkin is a real pumpkin that I just left it in its original natural color but I added my last name initial. I simply printed off the letter and cut it out and taped in place. I traced around the letter and with a flat tip paint brush I filled in the letter with Folk Art Vintage White. I love that color, too. This pumpkin is simplistic and charming and would look fabulous on my Thanksgiving table this year. I love the two cake plates to give this pumpkin height and you can add mini pumpkins all around it or tea lights. This is for sure going on my Thanksgiving table.

I am loving these vintage white mini pumpkins and these of course will be on my Thanksgiving table as well. I will be adding other elements to the table this year, like some leaves, branches and some vintage books. I am really going for a natural look this year. 

There you have it, my natural looking and simplistic Halloween/Thanksgiving decor. Next post I will be sharing my tablescape. Thanks for stopping by. 

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