Friday, December 1, 2017

Easy Christmas Ornaments - Candy Ornaments

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Since I had my first child,  I enjoyed putting up a Christmas tree in their room. I also purchased a special Christmas ornament every year to be added to their tree. I tease my children and tell them when they move out, they will have a Christmas tree and ornaments. However, this year I purchased a rose gold Christmas tree for my daughter's room. It's a lovely tinsel tree and I added whimsical candy ornaments. My girl was over the moon with her new tree and ornaments. So today, I am sharing my "Easy 3 step Christmas Candy ornaments". 

Your supply list:
Styrofoam balls
Clear cellophane wrap

Christmas Ornaments

I used a toothpick to hold my styrofoam balls and coated it with glue. I sprinkle on the glitter and left it to dry. After an hour, I wrapped my candy ornaments with clear cellophane wrap and tied it off with ribbon. These candy ornaments are lovely on the tree. Christmas Ornaments
These candy ornaments I purchased this year. 

Christmas Ornaments -

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  1. I love the theme you have going with the candy ornaments. The colors are gorgeous! Such an easy DIY project for Christmas!

  2. The ornaments are adorable, Vanessa...but I love the Christmas tree tradition. My kids have been asking for trees in their rooms for years. They are tiny so it wouldn't be easy, but I think you may have just bolstered their case. They thank you! 😊

  3. YUM . . . these would make me crave candy all day long!

  4. A candy tree! I absolutely love it. Great idea!

  5. What a fun idea. These candy trees always make me can you not love candy!

  6. This is darling, I love the candy theme!

  7. Those are so much fun! I love how colorful the candy tree is!

  8. What a fun holiday theme. It is so clever and cute.

  9. they are cute! This year I'm planning to sell some handmade Christmas ornaments... :)

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