Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Wreath - Spring Fling Tour 2015

Welcome to our Spring Fling 2015 Tour! I know many of you are finally thrawing out from a long winter and you can enjoy Spring! So to start you on your way, I have the pleasure of teaming up with six amazing bloggers who are going to share some of their beautiful Spring projects. I know you are going to love them.

Make sure to stop by and see the other ladies creative ideas!

For this project you will need an 18' inch wire wreath form, floral wire, cutting tools, burlap and ribbon. To save time, go head and cut 24 pieces of floral wire that are about 10 inches long, there are 9 section on the wreath form and you will go around the form 3 times. Now gather your burlap and tie it to the inner ring (pic 2) then create a bubble with the burlap and tie it to the next section on the form (Pic 3). Continue to gather and create a bubble shape, till you go around the form one time (Pic 4).

For round two, gather and tie in the middle of the wreath form (pic 5) and continue to go all around. Once you are done with round two poof and position your burlap. Using the same technique gather, tie and poof your ribbon to hide any wires. 

Once completed I add daisies flowers (I love daisies they are sweet) and I made a bow. There you have it, Spring is a great time of year becuase it's not to hot or cold its just right. So enjoy your Spring and don't forget to stop by and visit the other ladies. Enjoy!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kids Room Decor - Monogram Wall Art

Last week's post I shared how to create stencils using a glue gun and glue sticks and today I am going to show you the letter I created. This fun project I created to make a personal monogram wall art for my girl's room. Using PicMonkey I created the letter "G" using the font Emily's Candy and printed it off. I then placed a piece of parchment paper over the print and using my hot glue gun I traced the letter. Tracing the letter was very easy and the stencil turned out great. I have another great idea on how to reuse this letter as well. I placed the letters and some stars I created on the art work and spray painted the canvas in white and Voila! You have a fabulous monogram art work. 

Wall art

This piece turned out so sweet and I love the font I picked out. 
Wall Art

The room is coming together and the reveal is next week. Can't wait to share. Enjoy your day!


Monday, March 9, 2015

Kids Art Room Decor

Last week I unplugged from all social media and finished up a bunch of projects for my girl's room. I am so excited at how far this room is coming along. I am in the last phase of creating the wall gallery and today I am sharing a few of the projects I have finished.

I took a few of my daugther's art work and I wanted to add some inspirational words in her room. I wanted clusters of stars, so I came up with the idea to make my own stencil out of hot glue sticks. I took parchement paper and I drew stars, then I took my hot glue gun and traced the stars. I made sure the stars where connected, because I wanted one big star stencil. I then layed my stars on the canvas, along with these sticker letter decals. Finally, I took gold metallic spray paint and sprayed the canvas evenly. The results are amazing and it gave this kids art work a fresh look. 

This piece turned out great and I just loved how different it looks. 

For this piece I created an owl stencil and I added bling to the eyes. Another fabulous piece. 

Here is the before and after. My daugther loves how it turned out and it will go perfect in her room. Room tour is coming soon. Make sure to come back.  


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Art For Kids Room

I have been working on finishing up my girl's room these last few weeks and I realized I have not shared any projects with you all. When you are doing a room makeover, you are down to the small projects and you tend to drag you feet. I have more small projects to finish up and I find they are the most tedious. 

I have finished up one of the art projects and its very special to me. When my daugther was 4 yrs old, she made this painting. My girl loves color and I wanted to change this piece up just a bit, so I came up with this idea.

For this project, you will need a painting of your child, clear contact paper, white paint and peel and stick letter decals

Once I aligned everything, I applied 2 coats of white acrylic paint. Make sure the first coat of paint is completely dry before you add the second coat. Finally, before the second coat of paint is almost dry, carefully peel away the decals and contact paper. If you need help lifting off the decal use an X-acto knife, but be gentle.

Here is the after:


My girl loves how it turned out and if you look at the bird I added a pink bling eye. Too cute! I do feel the painting is still needing something on the bottom left hand corner, what do you think? This is a great way to keep my girl's 1st painting around for years to come. 


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day Inspiration Blog Hop

Welcome to our Valentine Inspiration Blog Hop! I absolutely love Valentine's Day and today I have teamed up with 6 other bloggers to share with you 35+ ideas, crafts and recipes. You are going to love these Valentine's Inspiration. 

Makes sure you stop by and visit the other hostess blogs for more creative ideas.  

Valentine Inspiration Final

Valentine's Inspiration, Valentines Crafts, Valentines Decor, Valentines Diy 

Valentine Flower Pocket

Valentines Inspiration

Valentine's Inspiration

Valentine's INspiration

Valentine's Inspiration

Valentines inspiration

Free Printable from Simply Fresh Vintage

Valentines Inspiration













valentine wreath (9)

Cupids Assistant, LOve On a Plate-Double Trouble Daddy


Valentine Banner




_DSC0036 copy



Simple Valentine Decor


Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake



Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes





Here is a graphic you can pin to your Valentine's board!

Hope you have a great Valentine's Day with your special someone.