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10 Christmas Games - For Everyone

Welcome to Day 6 of the 12 Days of Christmas! There has been so many amazing projects and recipes shared so far. If you have missed any click here

It's all about Christmas games to entertain your guests during your Christmas party. I love to play games with my family and it can get a bit competitive. These games I am going to share with you, are great for any age. For me, it's all about family fun!

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1 - Christmas Scavenger Hunt Game

You can create a list of items in your house or in your neighborhood ( You can stay on your street). For example, I have 30 houses on my street, I would create a few random list items from my neighbor's yard or in or outside my home.  As my family arrives, I would break them up in three teams making sure the children are with adults at all times. Everyone has 40 minutes to find as many items on their list and they have to take a photo with their cell to verify they found the items. Get creative with your list and change up the rules to fit your party. Have Fun! 

2 - Name that Christmas Tune
Anyone can sing a song but it's harder when you have to hum the song. This one is sure to crack everyone up. You have to give in a try with your family and friends.

3 - Candy Cane Barrel

Do you remember the game Monkey in the Barrel? Well instead you use Candy Canes. Set the timer and see how many candy canes everyone picks up. The one with the most wins!

4 - Unwrap the gift game

I found this game on youtube and it's hilarious. This is one your family and friends won't be able to stop laughing. You can find the video here

5 - The Saran Wrap Christmas Party Game

Another great game for any party. It's so much fun. You can find the video here.

6 - The Reindeer Antler Game

This is another hilarious game to play with the whole family. You can find the how to over at Intelligent Domestications

7 - Christmas Movie Charades

You can create your own acting out cards or you can print these off. What a great and fun game and I love to see my family trying to act out a character

8 - Dominos
This is one game my aunts and uncles love to play and they love to teach the younger kids. You can find some dominos here and the rules are simple. Great family times. 

9 - Christmas Movie Trivia

This is another fun game and it's more fun to play in teams. You can find some trivia printable here

10 - Candy Cane

This game is so much fun and the one with the best times wins. You can find the video here.

Christmas is 19 days away and I can't wait to to play these games with my family. I will be posting an update of our crazy and fun adventures. Thank you for stopping by. 

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  1. The candy cane barrel sounds fun. All of the games do!

  2. You have so many fun games to choose from! Thank you for including the Reindeer Antler Game. We still love playing it. I'm freaking out right now because we are only 19 days away from Christmas!!! I need to go shopping.

  3. Lots of fun game ideas! The scavenger hunt game sounds great!

  4. The reindeer antler game has me intrigued now!

  5. Your scavenger hunt idea reminded me of going to my aunt's house... she would give use each scavenger hunts that led us on clues around her house to find our gifts!


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