Monday, December 4, 2017

Party Holiday Food - Appetizers

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Christmas is a great time of year to gather with family and friends. Growing up, I remember gathering at my aunt's or my uncle's home and there would be lots of food. There would always be different types of appetizers, which were my favorite. By the time the main course was ready to eat, I would be so stuffed from eating so many appetizers. Today, I am sharing one of my easy go to appetizers. 

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It's officially Christmas and I am already thinking about what I am going to make for the main course, dessert and appetizers. I like to keep it simple and trouble-free. It's important my guest enjoy every course I lay out before them. For me, appetizers is all about cheese, nuts, fruits and crisp crackers. This appetizer is so simple, you won't even break a sweat. I enjoy the mild flavor of Brie cheese and pair it with fruits, nuts and a crisp cracker. Brie cheese also pairs well with wine.

Here is all  you need - 
Soft Brie cheese
Crisp crackers (or one you love)
Red grapes, Red pears
Any nuts
Serving platters

Here is a tidbit for you, use red platters or plates to serve any food because it's promotes eating and it's a beautiful color as well. Wink! 
Holiday Food Appetizers

Simple and trouble-free is what makes this appetizer. Enjoy!
Holiday Food Appetizers

Holiday Food Appetizers

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  1. What a festive and pretty party tray this makes. I love easy to put together appetizers.

  2. Brie is my favorite cheese when it comes to party trays. I love how easy and festive this is!

  3. That looks incredible. I absolutely adore Brie! It's one of my two favorites year round.

  4. Hey, Vanessa! We have Cheese Plate Friday Night weekly, so this might work well during Christmas Break!!! We love ourselves some brie!

  5. I love a good cheese tray, especially one with grapes! Yours looks delicious!

  6. Such a pretty tray filled with some great goodies!

  7. I love brie, and there are so many simple options for making it even more tasty!


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