Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas Tour

Happy Friday!
Hard to believe Christmas will be here next week, it seems unreal to me. All I want to do is enjoy every minute I can with my family, so this weekend we are going to be doing some baking. I can't wait. Yummy!
Here are my Christmas decor for this year. I actually changed it up this year from the last 10 years. I love traditions Christmas colors and I used red and gold this year.
Little G made this glitter garland this year.
Our Family Christmas tree. Love my new star 
Some of our ornaments on the family tree. If you haven't notice I love snowmen!
I added the mesh this year and I really love it.  
Love all my snowmen. 
This one is my favorite.  
My son made this for me about 13 years ago.  

My icy branches.

I bought this over 10 years ago when my husband and I first got married.  Love the little sign "We Are Warm"
My son made this for me 7 years ago.  Its my favorite.  
Bottom half of my fireplace.
Believe sign, I picked up.
My Christmas Mantle.
My mantle and my JOY sign.  
This is the top of my entertainment center

Since the birth of my children, I buy a new ornament every year for them and I put it on their Christmas tree.
My little girl's ornaments.  
My favorite doll when I was a child.
My little girl's angle. 
My little girl's Christmas tree.
My son's ornaments. He loves playing basketball.  

Both of my children have this ornament, because its very true about how I feel about them.
My son's Christmas tree.
Our front door, simple this year. 
My little girl made this for me.  
This is my dad's walking stick that I hung ornaments on.
My Christmas decorations, are not over the top, but I love to use things that have meaning to me. This is very important to me when I decorate because to me Christmas means family. Merry Christmas to you  my bloggy friends and I pray you have a great weekend with your family and thank you for stopping by.  I LOVE your SWEET comments, so drop me a line.



  1. How gorgeous is this?! I love it. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway!

  2. Hi Vanessa,

    WOW! Your Christmas tree is gorgeous!!! I love all the red and gold ornaments.

    Your children's decorations are so sweet. Super memories!

    How cool that your son has a tree.

    Your entry way looks wonderful and festive.


  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours Vanessa! Your decorations are so festive! I love your star too;)

    Happy Holidays!

    p.s. thank you so very much for leaving your "calling card"!

  4. Everything is beautiful - I love how everything is colorful and has a special meaning to you. My babies are still young (1 and 2) and I love your idea of buying them an ornament every year...I think I'll start that tradition in our family now! Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful family treasures. Take care and thank you for stopping by my blog...I'm following you back too!

  5. Your trees are lovely. I too have bought or made my kids an ornament every year. When they leave home they will have a nice collection to start their own tree with. Have a merry Christmas!

  6. You Christmas decor is fabulous! I loved the ornaments the most! I have been enchanted by them since I was a child - and I cannot stop myself buying more new ones every year. But my heart skips a beat when I find a vintage one. Well, that is what I call a treasure :)


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