Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas & Pine Cone Swag

Hello, Bloggy Friends
I wanted to take this time and thank you all for making these last four months wonderful. I have been so Blessed by all of you and I pray you and your family will have a wonderful Christmas. My dear Bloggy Friends, you are so lovely and I am truly grateful for the encouragement and support you have given me. Thank you.

Here are the supplies you will need -
About 10 medium sizes pine cones (go around parks, wooded areas, friends/family)
Spray paint
Floral wire
wire cutter

I took my pine cones and spray painted them gold, carmel latte and red banner by Krylon. I gave them two coats.  
Gold and Carmel latte
Coat of Red Banner.
After the pine cones are dry, take the floral wire and wrap around the end of the pine cone, then twist.
Make sure to cut each floral wire different length when wrapping to the pine cones. The pine cones will lay better.  

You can see the wires are all different lengths and I gathered at the top and twisted. I clipped off any long wires and made a loop on top to hang over my hook. 
Once I arranged my pine cones, I added the bow. 
I added floral wire to the back of the bow and tied it to the hook.

I am not a bow maker, so I googled how to make a bow. Here is the site I used to make this easy bow.

Love the different colors.

I really love how this Christmas swag turned out and you can even used pine cones to make a lovely center piece for your Christmas dinner. Thank you for stopping and have a great Christmas.  I would love to hear from you so leave a comment. 



  1. Very festive! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, friend! :)

  2. Merry Christmas my friend.I hope your holiday is as sweet as you are xo

  3. Merry Christmas Vanessa. Thanks for being such a great blog friend.

    Warmly, Michelle

  4. This is a gorgeous swag! I need to remember this for next year. I hope you had the merriest of holidays!

  5. Wonderful decoration Vanessa!
    Happy holidays!


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