Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Vintage End Table Makeover

I love when I get to play with new paint, it's like going to the candy store! Today, I am participating in the "The Fab Furniture Flipping Contest" and this month theme is "Color Your World" and our marvelous sponsor is "Velvet Finishes. Velvet Finishes was created by Kellie Smith who is a designer and loves color. She created this line of gorgeous paint colors and exceptional paint formula that will makes painting easy. It's a low VOC product and doesn't emit harmful chemicals or smells. Unlike chalk or chalky paint, you won't see brush strokes when using Velvet Finishes. Wow, that alone made me dance. Not only do they have a gorgeous line of paints, but they have enhanced glaze & gel, ready spray and protect. As a participant in this contest, I received free products, but all the opinions are entirely my own. This post contains sponsored links for Velvet Finishes

I used the following products from Velvet Finishes . Paint colors in Understated, Soulful, Ready spray, and Protect. The Ready spray cleans and prepares the surface for painting. This was very easy to use and low odor as well. The Protect product is a commercial grade, non-yellowing satin poly-acrylic. This product dries fast and is easy to use.

Velvet Finishes/contest

My mother had this vintage 1950 end table and she didn't like the dark charcoal gray color. She had asked me if I would change it to a neutral color. As you can see, I started to use a different color and it wasn't what she wanted, but the Soulful color was a hit. 
furniture painting/ sponsor/ fabfurnitureflippincontest

I used the "Ready" product to prepare the table for the color. I love this stuff and it doesn't leave a film or tacky feeling on the table. Once the piece was all done, I could paint. 
Vintage End Table

I've tried many paints, but by far this product is AWESOME! This table only took two coats and drying time was quick. Just like the name Velvet Finishes this product goes on smooth, easy to use, and feels like velvet to the touch when dry. There are no bumps, brush marks or pits. I am talking smooth like velvet! I loved it and I didn't have to sand the table. If you want a distressed look, you can do this with this product, however, my mom didn't want that look.  Once the paint was dried, I applied two coats of the "Protect" which is a poly-acrylic. This product left a satin sheen and dries quickly too. 
Vintage end table/ furniture painting
Vintage end table
Look no brush strokes
vintage end table

Overall, this products rocks! I can't wait to use this product on a couple more furniture pieces. 
vintage end table

Thank you Velvet Finishes for providing the products for this contest. Thanks to the ladies over a The Fab Furniture Flipping Contest ™ for this great opportunity. If you are a furniture flipper and interested in being a part of the next month's challenge, contact the ladies over at to find out how! 
I am linking my project up at Lynn - Fern Avenue and Thea at - Sweet Tea Refinishing


  1. What a wonderful piece Vanessa, so happy to see you chose Soulful Kellies color of the month for November it's such a great neutral I've been wanting to see an example.

  2. That's a pretty color! A great update to a beautiful table.

  3. The table looks really nice. I like the idea of no sanding. Did the product raise the grain any? I am working on an old oak tabletop right now. I think I might just try this.

  4. The table turned out great. Don't you want to try every color in the paint line? I like a good neutral and this fits the bill.


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