Friday, October 9, 2015

Burlap Pillow For The Fall

Fall is a great time of year for me. It reminds me of the leaves turning and crisp cool weather. Aww, how I miss living up north. Another reason why I love fall is because of the warm colors like yellow's, browns, gold, bronze and reds. Those colors make me happy! 

Fall and Spring are truly my two favorite seasons and when I can change everything from summer to fall I am in heaven. One of the ways I love to change things up is by adding burlap to some of my fall decor. So today I am sharing with you one of my easiest and super cute fall pillow. Throw pillows are a great thing to add to a sofa, chairs or bed and you don't have to pay a lot of money to do so. 

Here are the supplies you are going to need: 
  • Burlap fabric (2 different colors of burlap)
  • Or you can purchase a burlap bag like I did
  • Pillow insert or any stuffing you may have on hand
  • Stencil or freehand
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Ribbon or Burlap twine 
  • Burlap flower (either one you make or store bought
  • Gold sharpie pen

1. Cut your color fabric 9 x 9 inches. Next free hand or you can use a stencil but write out the words "Always give thanks" using your Sharpie gold pen. 

2. Once you have finished the writing. Glue the color fabric piece to the center of the burlap bag. Next insert your pillow form or stuffing in the burlap bag and tie off with twine or ribbon. 

3. Finally glue your fabric burlap flower and you are done. 

Didn't I tell you this was an easy project? This is a great gift to give to teachers, family or friends. Thank you for stopping by and you can also stay in touch on my other social media sites. 

Need a fall project idea?  


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