Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Halloween Spooktacular Pumpkin Makeover

I purchased a outdoor pumpkin at a yard sale last year for $1 and today I am going to show you the new and improve spooktacular pumpkin.

I used chalkboard paint and give this pumpkin three coats. Next I took three different button sizes and made circles all over the pumpkin. I then applied Mod Podge onto the circles and the month, then I added silver glitter. Once the glitter was dry I did spray adhesive on  each circle.
This is my scary pumpkin all lit up. I love how it turned out, but it's going to look great when I put it outside.

My little girl got the creative bug and made this lovely pumpkin painting. I just love how her creative mind works. Did you see this old vintage ceramic pumpkin I picked up at a yard sale for a $1. This piece will also be outside as well.  
I love the glitter around the eyes and mouth. It makes the pumpkin look spooktacular. 

This is the extent of my spooky pumpkins. I am more into the happy pumpkins and cute witch. Plus my little girl does not like scary Halloween. She won't even walk down the scary aisle at the stores. I keep Halloween rated G. : )

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  1. That would be the perfect pumpkin for me! I do not like spooky or scary either...happy pumpkins are just my speed!

    1. Kim, I wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Halloween is what I say. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. love the glitter! I need to remember to put it on the eye/nose/mouth areas!

  3. Love your happy, glittery, spooky pumpkin - just my kind. Cathy

  4. I love it! Great idea :) & cute vintage pumpkin too!!

  5. Wow. I love it. We just halloweenified our interior this week and we'll be working on pumpkin in a few more weeks from now so your pics are great inspiration.

  6. That's really neat! Way better than the original item. I need to find some cheap halloween decorations to redo because this stuff gets so expensive otherwise.

  7. How creative! I love it! I should try this

  8. The pumpkin is fab and the Halloween scene you made is lovely!

  9. Girl I adore the black pumpkin! The contrast with the black, silver and orange is awesome!


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