Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Furniture Features

I am back to show you my latest projects. I took this lovely pine table and sanded it down.

Once I was done with the sanding, I picked up a quart of True Turquoise by Glidden and gave this table two coats of paint. The paint contained primer so it was easy. Once the paint was dry, I used a 220 grit then 600 and 1000. I know that's a lot of sand paper, however, I've found when I used these three, the surface is smoother and when I add wax or poly coat it adheres better. I especially love using all three grits over chalk paint and the becomes silky smooth. Then when you add the wax it absorbed into the pieces, like a baby's bottom. In case you want to find the 600 and higher grit go to an auto store. 
Once I was done sanding the table I added two coats of Minwax water-base poly coat. In 24 hrs. the poly is completely dry and the table can be used. On dining tables I do prefer to use water-based poly over wax because it's a piece that will get the most wear and over time wax will wear off.

I have more pieces to show you this week so pop over on Thursday. I am still learning to manage my time with family, business and blog. I don't want to give up my blog because I love blogging. So bear with me as I go through these growing pains. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week!




  1. Beautiful table! Love that color! Life to the full! Melissa

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