Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Etching Glass

I have a project update on my etching glass jars. I decided I wanted to add words for example Joy and Noel. Using the same steps on my etching glass jars this is what I came up with.

I created these etch glass, but then I also used the mirror glass spray on the inside to give it a different effect as well. 
I etch Noel and wrapped with jute and added a bead. You can add ribbon on the top also.  
I created two JOY jar and added beads as well. This one is a gift for a friend. 
The little one on the far right I etch free hand. Just got creative and with the etching cream and mirror spray these came out lovely.  This is a great gift for anyone. 

I just love using this etching cream and I have more ideas on how to create etch glass as well, so expect to see more. : )
It's always fun to share my ideas with you and remember this is the season of being crafty and handmade. I Love to hear from you so drop me a line. Have a great week.




  1. this is so pretty, I have to try this.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  2. These would look simply great with home-made pot-pourri and/or soaps (in different shaped jars, wouldn't they! Keep being creative: will keep an eye open for your next projects! Happy Christmas meanwhile.

    Isobel -

  3. They look fabulous! Happy christmas:)

  4. I love etching glass. Love this idea! Thanks for stopping by my bog earlier and following, am now following you back! Love all your craftiness... so my kind of blog!

    Happy Holidays :)

  5. Chanced upoon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  6. Oh, these are so pretty, too! You're so crafty & talented! Thanks for linking them up! ((Hugs))

  7. So beautiful and such a great idea! Merry Christmas, my friend!


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  9. They're absolutely beautiful, Vanessa!

  10. Those etched jars are beautiful with the tea lights!

  11. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing at the hop, xo

  12. Fantastic work of art, actually I want to have some of my glass wares be like this etched glass. Beautiful!


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