Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Handmade & Homemade Gift ideas!

I'm here again today to share with you some more of my favorite shop owners I love!

For all those who LOVE art, the Little Photo Hut has some great fine art photographs. Jennie the shop owner has a great eye for picture taking and she finds beauty through her lens. Here are some of my favorites -

Just love how she captures the sun and these lovely flowers. Peaceful!
Love this one, do you see the moon to the right?  
I love how the green car stand out.
This next shop is called Pitter & Glink and Bethany is the shop owner of these lovely creations. She specializes in handmade signs that are very colorful! When Bethany is not creating signs she is working on her blog, Pitter and Glink. I always enjoy stopping by Bethany's blog, she has the best tutorials. Make sure to stop by her blog too.

Great for a little girl.
Lovely for a boy's room.
Jennie and Bethany are very creative and talented women that truly LOVE what they do. Think outside of the box and get creative in your shopping this year. Buying handmade goods is a good thing! Here is a great article on buying handmade goods.  Enjoy looking around Jennie and Bethany shops. I always enjoy and appreciate you stopping by and leaving a SWEET comment. Thanks so much and have a lovely week!




  1. beautiful shops. Thank you for sharing xo

  2. WOAH... Thanks for the mention Vanessa. I totally agree that there is a lot of homemade/ handmade goodies to be found out there. I especially love Etsy so I couldn't wait to open up my little shop on there. Slow and steady but I'm loving meeting new people and expanding my shop.
    Little Photo Hut.

  3. Thanks so much for including me in this post, Vanessa! You are such a sweetheart! I love that you support handmade businesses and that you are such a great supporter of my blog as well. Hugs!

  4. Honestly, it is my first time to hear about those shops.Anyways, I do love their creations. Thanks.

  5. Beautiful photos...thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  6. How thoughtful of you to share these awesome ideas with us Vanessa. Thank you!

  7. How sweet of you to share both of those shops! I appreciate it.
    I hope your week is going well so far!

  8. What a great blog site! My passion is and always will be handmade and homemade toys, decor, household items. I would love to promote your blog on my site as well. I welcome a community where we can share topics like toddler toys, and handmade gifts.

  9. Great photography. My passion is on the crafty side, thanks for sharing the shops and the wonderful signs and gifts. I have been posting children's crafts these days as we are getting ready for our first school craft fair. The school kids have been gifts to sell at their own table.
    Wonderful to have found you, Lisa


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