Friday, October 19, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Rust!

I had this project for about five months and I wasn't sure how to fix this rusty metal vase. As I was shopping at Wal-mart I came across this product to help with rust, the cost was under $5. Another reason why I chose this product is because it's earth friendly.

As I poured the Must For Rust product on the vase it just dissolved the rust off right away. Awesome! I then rinsed it out and let dry completely. Finally, I gave the vase two coats of black spray paint and it looks brand new. Love it! Great way to fix an old rusty vase into a new an improve vase.

Great stuff must try it out!
This picture doesn't do justice. The vase is smooth and there is no rust. I just forget to take a picture before I painted. : ) 
My total cost for this project was $6 dollars. I started out with a rusty metal vase that cost $1 at a yard sale, then the must for Rust $5 and black spray paint I had on hand. Spray paint really does change the look of everything. The possibilities are endless. Have a Great weekend; we are off to take some family photos tomorrow. I will share those with you next week. Enjoy and as always I appreciate you stopping by. Drop me a line.




  1. Vanessa: Thanks for sharing-I have an IRON [i think] CANDELABRA I've been saving for a specific spot for 6 years [YES, 6 yrs] since our move from Tx to Ala..hv been wondering what I needed to use on it...will check this product out.I love saving $$ & repurposing too!


    1. Hi, Jonell

      Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you!


  2. Thanks for sharing this info with us Vanessa! Vase looks great! :)
    Hope your week is off to a great start!

  3. that worked great It looks brand new! xo


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